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Conditions for the performance
Space for the performance: Since some actors are on stilts, consult the terrain with the performance producer, minimum height indoors is 3.2 m
Length: about 30 minutes (can be adjusted); preparation 60 minutes
Number of actors: 3 - 8 persons
The Street Frenzy
Comedians set out into the streets, among the crowds. Four metres tall puppets are dancing, a joker on high stilts is seducing virtuous ladies, music is playing, someone takes rolls out of his sleeve to juggle with them, another sticks a trumpet up his nose, a wooden figure swoops by… As for the masks and costumes, this piece can be tailor-made according to your demands – jugglers, jokers, fantastic beings, the masks of the venetian night, a colombine, a pierot, strange fish, birds, people, weird species…

The performance develops situations happening in the street. The act is ideal for carnivals, fairs, drinking parties, feasts, children festivals and celebrations. Joy, humour and lightness and a craze in the street – simply The Street Frenzy.

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