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Conditions for the performance
Space for the show: outdoors, level ground 10 m (width) x 12 m (length) x 6 m (height), can be played indoors, if large fires don't matter
Length: 60 mins
Preparation: 6 hrs
Scene disassembly: 2.5 hrs
Electricity: 380 V within 50 m
Beginning: must be played at night or start shortly before sunset.
Street lights: must be turned off at least an hour before the show.
The performance must not be disturbed by music, a presenter etc.
Need to provide: a fireman with a fire extinguisher
Transport: VW LT 35 van + a trailer
Performers: 6 people
Kaspar Rek
The main character is Kaspar, perhaps a bit naive undertaker. He had never thought much about death and the sense of life nor has he ever been touched by it - until he buried a girl he liked and then set out for a travel to seek the meaning of life...

The play is about anxiety; but believe it or not, it´s a comedy. The dramatic language of the play (for it is almost without text) is a mixture of street and puppet theatre. You can see juggling with fire, Flying trapezes, two-metre stilts and even four-meter puppets. A street theatre at its best.

The performance could see the light of the world thanks to the support of Ministry of culture CZ, Open Society Fund and the town of Ceske Budejovice.

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