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Conditions for the performance:
Space for the performance: straight 5x5m,
both indoors and outdoors
about 30 minutes, happening upon previous arrangement cca 30 min
Stage preparation:
60 min
30 min
Performers: 3 actors
VW LT 35 van
+ a trailer
Otesanek (Little Otik)

A puppet performance for both children and grown-up fairy-tale lovers, based on a classical tale by K. J. Erben. The play contains several types of puppets from marionettes, a hand puppet, a puppet of a digestion track to a 2 m tall dummy (rocking cylindrical puppet) and other classical and unusual ways of puppet story-telling. The story is richly accompanied by a flute, a banjo, a drum and a new invention (the only one of its kind in the world) bentara - an original mix of a guitar and a small drum. The listener will also hear songs both accompanied by the above mentioned instrumentation and sung acapella. Besides all kinds of things and beings, the ever-growing pudgy child also consumes physical measures and other things immaterial. Persons disappear inside Otesanek - puppets of all types from marionettes from children's home theatre to real people. In short - anything of great taste. The whole tale is underlined by a refrain: "Our civilization and people's actions are too obviously similar to the story of Otesanek". The performance has its own (so to say) happening - or, if you wish, public performance advertisment in the form of rolling a two-meter ball through the street, live music and loud announcements etc.

Will his native village, county, state, and planet be enough for Otesanek? Will he eat you, too? Come and see! No need to fear, you will enjoy Otesanek as much as he would enjoy you…!

Get hi-res photos here:
happening 1 | happening 2 | play 1 | play 2

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