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Divadlo Kvelb / Jirovcova 2597/54 / 370 04 Ceske Budejovice / The Czech Republic
phone: +420 603 380 381
mail: lukas61@volny.cz

BARDO THÖDOL - Our giant firepuppets play in a new rock opera, inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Learn more at RockOpera.cz and in a Czech press release.
You can also download a poster.

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Fluorescent gigantic puppets will play a story of the world's birth and man's place in it
Nautrilus ZUM
A street act on the move with a giant tricycle and on stilts
Military street invasion into your town; a reminiscence of the unsuccessful attempt to humanize socialism in 1968...
A stilts trip into the crowds in the guise of white angels.
Street theatre based upon folk traditions, inspired by the Easter season.
Kaspar Rek
The main character is Kaspar, perhaps a bit naive undertaker. He had never thought much about death and the sense of life nor has he ever been touched by it - until he buried a girl he liked and then set out for a travel to seek the meaning of life...
A fire puppet performance, the first of its kind in the world, with burning Javanese puppets four meters tall.
Giant, world unique fire outline puppets in a story of a butterfly's birth.
Otesanek (Little Otik)
A puppet performance with live music (drum, banjo, bantara), a happening, marionettes, Javanese puppets...
The Advent
on Wheels

Performance of songs, customs and moods of the festive season. Humour on flying machines!
The Dragon
A show with one or more giant puppets. The Dragon is 10 m long, it can fly, flap its wings, spit fire and smoke and kick its legs.
The Zany Family
A trip among people (some on stilts some not) in the guise of a loony family that finds itself in an unknown town and immediately starts dealing with the situation they’ve been handed.
Comedians' Cart
Comedians stroll through the streets on high stills, push their cart and perform jolly music, juggling and dancing on stilts etc. The cart shelters not only a puppet theatre but also other surprises...
The Street Frenzy
Comedians set out into the streets: jugglers, jokers, fantastic beings, the masks of the Venetian night
The Hope of Nativity
A Christmas performance and a show of a 13-metre puppet
How the little Czech Gaspar punished the evil director, or, How the water sprite played the street organ and the devil boiled his head in a kettle
A puppet performance based on classical tales by the famous Czech puppeteer Matej Kopecky performed in a vintage theatre with vintage puppets
Let in the giant carnival creatures and watch them dance, play and make you laugh at your festival!
Holy S.H.I.T.
At the end of June we organize a street theatre festival in Ceske Budejovice named "Holy S.H.I.T." (Streets Hosting Innovative Theatres). Info in Czech.