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Conditions for the performance
Space for the show: appx. 15 x 15 m, any terrain where we can play with 4m puppets on fire; can be played indoors where larger fire effects don't matter
Length: 20 min. (shorter version available), preparation: 60 min., clearance: 30 min.
Start of the show: better to be played after dusk or to begin at dusk.
Performers: 6 people
Recommended: a fireman with a fire extinguisher
A fire puppet performance, the first of its kind in the world, with burning Javanese puppets 4 meters tall.

A (stick)man literally burns with desire for a woman, who is also set ablaze with the same emotion - all in front of the eyes of the spectators. Then a monster appears to ruin their love. Will their love be fulfilled or will their desire burn out? Our short love story will address both the young and the old - everybody ever touched by love - and the rest as well... The performance is based on the vividity of moving fire puppets (stickmen) and is accompanied by the rhythm of drums.

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